Why have you changed groups?

Why can you no longer edit a group after creating it?

One important thing to note is that editing groups after they’ve been created is a functionality we haven’t implemented yet, but one that could be implemented in the future.

However, one benefit of currently non-editable groups is that you can’t create a group with one shared interest, for example trading, and then change the group entirely. This could be seen as a form of trolling for the existing members and preventing it is something we think could be positive for the community.

A second benefit of not being able to edit groups is that the Habbo(s) that create the group will maybe spend more time on ensuring the group has a solid, core, and permanent purpose. This could lead to longer lasting and more positive groups that are more beneficial for the members.


Why is the maximum number of members limited?

This is gamification. Instead of getting everything right at the beginning, you start from the beginning and level up to increase the limit. This is common in games and it’s something we think is a positive, rewarding thing for our community.


Levelling up is also an additional activity or target for the groups members to engage in. With the maximum membership depending on the combined levels of the members, this also creates opportunities for groups to compete against each other.

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