Why did you change the UI?

Why has the UI changed?

Rebuilding Habbo from the ground up with Unity provided a great opportunity to improve the user experience for both mobile and desktop users. We 100% understand change is hard and that a lot of Habbos prefer the current look and feel of Habbo, but this is a change we feel is positive for the long term future of the game.


It looks like it was made on mobile. I’m a desktop player and I don’t like it.

In a way, this is true. When designing UI that is going to be used on both mobile and desktop, it’s easier for the chief UI designer to design it for mobile and then scale it up, as opposed to the other way round.


We do really get people’s concerns about the UI though. Most Habbos are desktop users, so, to make the experience better for this group of people, we’re looking at implementing draggable windows. The team is also looking at ways to enable Habbos to scale their UI better.

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