Compatibility and other general technical issues

Furni availability in the AIR client:

There are a number of items that work in the AIR client but have not yet been implemented in the Unity one. If you can’t see these in the Shop, this is probably because we’ve decided not to make them available until they are functional in both clients. 

Keep an eye on the website for regular release notes – we’ll let you know when we add furni and functionality to Unity!


Level progression

While you will be able to see what level you are in the AIR client and you’ll receive level progression rewards as normal, you won’t be able to see your specific experience points and how close you are to the next level.


Non-functioning buttons

Some buttons in the client aren’t working properly.


Monster plants

We’re keeping monster plants frozen for the time being.



Pet functionality will remain disabled and the related achievements will also remain archived.



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