Why did you change trading and the Marketplace?

How is trading changing in Habbo 2020?

Selling items will be done exclusively on the Marketplace. You won’t be able to trade with other Habbos face to face in rooms and you won’t be able to trade furni for other furni. We’re also introducing higher fees when using the Marketplace to sell items.


Why can’t I trade with other Habbos directly in rooms, and why can’t I trade furni for other furni or give other Habbos furni for free?

We wanted to centralise all item sales around one feature: the Marketplace. This means that the exchange of items and credits has changed quite a lot in Habbo 2020.

The reasons we decided to do this are below:

  • Having all item sales and trading-type activities done in one place – the Marketplace – means that our developers are better able to develop selling and trading as a game mechanic in the future.
  • It also makes the selling mechanic less fragmented and easier to understand for both new and existing Habbos.
  • Stopping the transfer of unlimited amounts of furni between accounts makes stealing the furni from hacked accounts much harder.
  • Face to face trading and trading furni for furni allows for the sale of high value items for real money on the black market.
  • Being able to trade furni for other furni also allows Habbos to circumvent other controls on the transfer of wealth.
  • When the functionality to use the Marketplace to sell items privately to friends is implemented in 2021, the Marketplace will allow for asynchronous private sales, as both Habbos don't need to agree what they’re selling or buying on the spot. This is helpful, for example, if each Habbo is located in different time zones or if either of them don't spend much time in the Hotel.


Why will I only be able to sell items privately to my friends?

The reasons for this are below:

  • We wanted to place a greater emphasis on the value of friends.
  • It protects Habbos from getting spam offers from Habbos they don’t know.
  • It simplifies the selection of who to sell to.

Please note that we’ve introduced a brand new credit donation tool to allow community leaders (for example, fansites and roleplaying agencies) to pay their staff. After reaching level 15, you can use it to donate any other Habbo up to nine credits at a time (regardless of whether they’re on their friends list). Please note that it costs 1 credit every time you use it.


Why do so many credits get deducted when I successfully sell an item on the Marketplace?

We've implemented a higher sales fee when using the Marketplace to sell items in Habbo 2020. This fee is deducted from the total amount you receive when you successfully sell an item.

Why we’ve done this:

  • The Marketplace sales fee discourages illicit credit sales – we don’t want people using the Marketplace to conduct this sort of activity.
  • Trading with very small sales fees or none at all would allow Habbos to circumvent other controls on the transfer of credits.

What does the sales fee mean/consist of?

The Marketplace sales fee is a fee you pay when you successfully sell an item on the Marketplace. The actual fee depends on how much you’re selling your item for – for example it’s a much higher percentage of the sale value if you’re selling an item for 60,000 credits or more compared to if you’re selling an item for, say, 100 credits.


What is the ‘Travelling salesman achievement”?

When selling on the Marketplace, the maximum price you’ll be able to ask for your item will depend directly on what level your Travelling Salesman achievement is.

To level up the Travelling Salesman achievement to 5, you need to successfully sell a considerable number of items on the Marketplace.

Below are the required Travelling Salesman achievement levels with the corresponding maximum Marketplace sale limits each one allows:

  • No levels achieved: 10 credits.
  • Level 1: 10 credits.
  • Level 2: 100 credits.
  • Level 3: 1,000 credits.
  • Level 4: 10,000 credits
  • Level 5: 100,000 credits


Why does it cost money to use the credit donation tool?


The reasons for this cost are listed below: 

  • Allowing free sharing of credits reduces the need to earn them. I.e. there is less motivation to actually play the game and earn credits from levelling up, completing achievements etc. This is particularly relevant to new Habbos.
  • The cost will help to discourage black market credit sellers from using the tool to transfer illicit credits.
  • Without a fee, the credit donation tool would likely be used to circumvent the other fees in place. The trading system would break as a result.


Why do you even need to put costs on certain features, deduct money from sales I make on the Marketplace and charge extra for shop-bought credit furni?

Habbo has a very complex economy, and everything is painstakingly designed to work in unison to create a balanced game. Features that allow the transfer of credits need to have some sort of cost, control or limit for them to work. 


Below are some more detailed reasons for costs/taxes/deductions in general across all features:

    • It reduces the grinding of new credits into the system with multiple avatars and accounts.
    • It gradually reduces the amount of credits in circulation – with no fees, people could, for example, pay agency salaries with the same credits forever, whereas even a small fee eventually shrinks the pool to 0.
    • It adds value to earning new credits from levelling up, completing achievements, working in agencies and trading, among other things.
    • It makes borrowing and other similar activities more considered actions, as Habbos can't simply share their wealth with no consequence.
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