Pending and Discontinued Features

Habbo is a very old game and there are a huge amount of features that need to be rebuilt with Unity in the new client.

At the moment, in order to have the best Habbo experience, we advise you to download the Flash client and use that to play Habbo.


Below is a list of features that either aren’t working in the Unity version of Habbo yet or that are being discontinued:

  • Yahoo and Twitter identification methods will be removed.
  • The reworked pet system is only fully functional in the new client. While work is being done on this, some features that are part of the pet system are on hold in both clients.
  • The reworked pet system hasn’t been implemented yet. Pets can still be found in your rooms and inventory, but the functionality will arrive later.
  • The ability to hide walls and set the thickness of floors and walls has been moved from the room settings menu to the floor plan editor. This means that it’s no longer a benefit of HC membership.
  • The ability to edit group badges and colours after group creation has been removed.
  • Some obsolete achievements have been removed or archived.
  • Some achievements related to temporarily missing features are archived or ‘off-season'.
  • The doorbell room access mode has been removed. Rooms with this mode active are now treated as inaccessible in the old client.
  • Some obsolete room settings have been removed.
  • Since safety locks are now unlocked via email, the safety lock is initially turned off for old users without a verified email address.
  • Avatar effects may be temporarily discontinued. This feature is one of our priority implementations.
  • The new client doesn’t have a camera function, nor do room thumbnails exist in the Navigator.
  • The guardian/helper system has been discontinued.
  • Relationship status has been replaced with friend starring. This is in effect a way of ‘favouriting’ your friends.
  • Private chat will be implemented later.
  • Group forums will be implemented later.
  • Crafting will be implemented later.
  • Calendar that gives gifts is not yet implemented in the new client. Xmas calendar 2020 can be used in the Flash client.

Below is a list of furni that isn’t functional in the Unity version of Habbo yet. It’s extremely difficult to say how long it will take to implement each of them, also whether or not we will even implement all of them. Because of time constraints, relevancy, and complexity, some features just don’t make sense to implement in Habbo 2020. We will be keeping the community updated about which we implement in 2021. 

  • Stickie notes
  • Stickie poles
  • Mini-game systems (snow war, hockey etc.)
  • Camera photo wall items
  • Furni with customisable colours
  • Water floating furni
  • Windows
  • Step-on state switches
  • One-way teleports
  • Lovelocks
  • Trax
  • Effect givers
  • Mannequin furni
  • Fireworks
  • Chatter furni (furni that produce randomised lines of text.)
  • Rentable spaces within rooms
  • Billboards
  • Multi-user reaction furni (furni that changes when more than one Habbo interacts with it.)
  • Furni that produce sound effects
  • In-room embedded videos
  • Cuckoo Clocks
  • Dice
  • Crafting tables
  • Bots

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