How to use the downloadable AIR client

What is the downloadable AIR client and why did you make it?

Adobe removed the availability of Flash by the end of year 2020. That’s why we had to discontinue the old Flash version of Habbo in January this year. The new Unity client for Habbo was released for an open beta testing phase in December 2020 to replace it. Because the Unity client admittedly isn’t yet complete or satisfactory for either Sulake and the community, we are re-releasing the old Flash client packaged as a standalone AIR app, or what we’re calling a downloadable AIR client. This will give Habbos access to the familiar feature set while we’re working on developing the Unity client. Once you install the AIR client from the Habbo web page, you can use it to play Habbo on your account just as you can play on the new Unity client. In the meanwhile, the Unity client is also available.


Can I use both the downloadable AIR client and the Unity client?

Yes. Much like the open beta we launched late last year, you can choose which client to use to play Habbo.


How do I download and install it?

For both MacOS and Windows users, to install the client you have to click on the yellow button on your homepage:




You’ll then be shown a window where you can choose to download either the MacOS or Windows version:




IMPORTANT: as this is the first time we’ve released an installer file, Windows Smartscreen will likely flag it. You need to allow access to install it.


  • Once you’ve downloaded it, you need to extract it.
  • Then, to actually open and install it, you need to go to your Security and Privacy settings and manually approve it to be able to use it. (After trying to open it, it should be shown clearly where to approve it in the Security and Privacy settings.)

How do I use it to play Habbo?


Once you’ve installed the client on your computer, all you have to do is click ‘Launch and log in’ on the Habbo website. This will open the Habbo Launcher and you’ll be able to choose whether to launch ‘Modern’ (Unity client) or ‘Classic’ (AIR client).





Once you’ve downloaded and installed the Habbo Launcher, drag it to your applications folder as instructed, then open it from the applications window. Then, on the website, with the ‘DOWNLOAD’ window open, click on the ‘Launch and log in’ button (see above graphic in the Windows section).

If you haven’t already installed the launcher, you may be asked if you’re sure you want to open it. Make sure you click ‘open’.

Then you’ll be given a choice of which native client you want to launch: ‘Modern’ (Unity client) or ‘Classic’ (AIR client):




How do I switch avatar?

For the Unity client, you can switch your avatar in the avatar selection screen inside the game, like before.


For the downloadable AIR client, you can switch avatar in the settings page in the Habbo web site any time before launching it, like it was with the old in-browser Flash client.

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