Sellable room bundles

Why can only Builders Club members use the sellable room bundles feature?

We wanted to give extra value to Builders Club (BC) membership. Also, the sellable room bundles feature is very much about building, so being able to use it fits with being a member of Builders Club.

Why is the feature only available on Unity, and not the AIR client?

Long term, our plans are to discontinue the AIR client. New features will be added to the Unity client, and our development efforts are focused almost exclusively there. Eventually, the AIR client will be maintained for our community to use until it’s discontinued.

Where do I go to buy bundles?

To buy bundles made by other Habbos and to sell ones that you’ve made, visit the new ‘Room bundles’ section of the ‘Popular’ tab in the Navigator. Here, you can browse bundles created by other Habbos. To buy one, open the bundle’s room info window. This is also where you can recall a bundle if it’s one you made.

Do I get a discount when I buy a bundle made by other Habbos?

Yes – when you buy a bundle made by another Habbo, you get a 10% discount on all discountable items, except the one most expensive item in the bundle. It’ll be clear exactly how much you will pay before you actually buy the bundle: all the pricing details will be visible. I.e. the full furni price, the discounted furni price, any extra the seller is charging, and the total.


How do I sell bundles?

BC members can put up their bundles for sale to other Habbos from the room info window. It’s important to note that there are a number of items that, if included in the room you’retrying to sell, will cause the room to be rejected when you try to put it up for sale. (See next FAQ.) 

Which items can’t I use in bundles I build?

Broadly speaking, you can only use items that are available and purchasable from the Shop at the moment you put the bundle up for sale.

Below is a list of furni that will cause your bundle to be rejected:

  • Rare items (including LTDs or Bonus Rares)
  • All credit furni
  • Monster plants
  • Items requiring HC membership
  • Group furni
  • Camera photo furni
  • Trophies
  • Pet food
  • Exclusive items from builders club, targeted offers, room bundles, gift calendars, collectible sets or old quests
  • Not for sale items (such as previous crackables or even their rewards, crafting rewards, branded items, recycled items, engagement prizes, removed items, special gifts, etc.)

If you include sticky notes, the whole pad's price will be counted for each pad of notes that has already begun/started.

No pets or bots will be copied to bundles to be sold to other Habbos, nor will they appear in the preview shown to Habbos when they view it in the Navigator.

NOTE: if your bundle is rejected, you’ll be shown a list of the items that caused it to be rejected.


How much do I get for each bundle sale and how is it calculated?

When you sell a bundle, you get:

  1. 10% of the paid credit price of items that were discounted in the bundle. (See above question “Do I get a discount when I buy a bundle made by other Habbos?”)
  2. The extra price defined by you as the seller, minus a 10% fee. The fee is in place to prevent abuse of the sellable room bundles feature.

Note that all credits earned from the sale of bundles will go to a new section of your earnings window called ‘Room bundles’.


Can I charge extra for bundles I sell?

Yes. If you think Habbos will pay extra for the design, or just because they like the bundle, you can charge extra. Please bear in mind that this extra amount will be subject to a 10% fee. The fee is in place to prevent abuse of the sellable room bundles feature.


How long will my bundle appear for sale in the Navigator?

If your bundle is accepted for sale, it’ll be visible in the Navigator for one week.


Can I buy my own bundles?


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