The Habbo NFT Discord server

What is Discord and why are you setting up a Discord server for the Habbo NFT project?

Discord is a popular and versatile messaging platform that is already used by many existing NFT communities. The platform has specific and necessary features that will allow for successful and efficient management of the community we hope to grow.


As well as this, we see Discord as a way to separate the Habbo NFT project from existing community issues and discussions. We don’t want to be regularly using the main Twitter account to generate and stimulate conversations about NFTs on an ongoing basis, for example.

Why don’t you have an official Habbo Discord?

We don’t have an official Habbo Discord because we feel as though we already have a very efficient social media presence on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. That’s where our community tends to reside and that’s where we feel we get a good level of exposure to your needs, opinions and demands. We don’t feel there is a need to create an entirely new Discord server for the existing Habbo community, but this approach could change in the future.

Why can’t you update the community directly on the Habbo websites and on Habbo’s social media channels?

While there may be some posts we make about the Habbo NFT project on the main Habbo social media accounts and websites, we’ve decided to keep it pretty separate from the game, initially at least. From a community perspective we feel that it’s better to keep the main social media accounts for gameplay issues, and Discord for NFT issues.


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