Habbo Club / Builders Club membership perk for Habbo Avatar and Crafted Avatar owners

Habbo Avatar and Crafted Avatar owners can take advantage of the Habbo Club and Builders Club membership perk. To do this, they need to connect the MetaMask wallet with the avatar inside their Habbo account on our website. We'll refer to this perk as the ‘HC/BC perk’ in this guide.


Does the HC/BC perk apply to all avatars on my account?

Yes. The account you connect your MetaMask wallet to will activate the HC/BC perk for that account. Each avatar from that account that you use to play Habbo with will have active HC and BC memberships when you log in.

You can also get multiple HC Streaks based on the number of Habbo Avatars you have on your account, and multiple monthly payouts too.


Can I have my MetaMask wallet connected to multiple hotels at the same time, and if so, will I have the HC/BC perk activated on all accounts simultaneously?

Yes, you can have your MetaMask wallet connected to all of our hotels to enjoy the HC/BC perk on separate accounts on different hotels simultaneously.


Can I connect my MetaMask wallet to multiple accounts on the same hotel and enjoy the HC/BC perk on all of them?

No, each MetaMask wallet can only be connected to one account per hotel at a time.


What happens if I already have HC or BC membership on my avatar?

While the perk is active, any existing HC or BC membership will still be consumed.


How does the perk affect my HC streak?

Firstly, it’s important that you understand that if your avatar currently has HC membership, this will be used up first. After all HC membership is consumed, the Habbo Avatar perk comes into effect and will sustain your avatar’s HC streak as long as you have a wallet connected to your account that contains at least one Habbo Avatar.

Secondly, it’s important to understand that you can assign HC streaks to avatars on your account based on how many Habbo Avatars you have. So, if you have 5 avatars, you can assign HC Streaks to five of the avatars on your account in the settings menu. This also means you could get five monthly HC Streak payouts, if you want them.

To maintain an uninterrupted HC streak on your avatar, the best thing to do is to always have active HC membership on it. However, if you want to maintain your HC streak on one of your avatars without buying a membership, make sure you keep your HC streak activated on the avatar you want it on. You can do this in the settings menu on our website.


Do Crafted Avatars allow me to assign two HC Streaks to two separate avatars on my account?

Currently, no this is not the case. A Crafted Avatar only gives you one HC streak to assign.


Do I get the 10% bonus HC Streak payout for ALL items I purchase from the Shop? Or just the items bought by an avatar that has the HC Streak enabled?

You need to purchase Shop items on the avatar that has the streak enabled to get the bonus credits.


Will my MetaMask wallet remain connected constantly? Or will I have to keep entering the password?

No, you won’t need to connect your MetaMask wallet every time you log in. You only need to connect your MetaMask wallet to your account once. After you’ve done this, the public Ethereum address that is connected to your MetaMask wallet will be stored on your Habbo account. This is the address our system will check for ownership of avatars every time you log in.


What would happen if I don’t log in for a long time but people still want to visit the rooms I have that contain furni from the BC Warehouse?

When a Habbo enters one of your rooms with BC Warehouse furni inside, our system will check your account and its associated public address for ownership of an avatar. If you have one, our system will permit people to enter that room as normal.


If my MetaMask wallet is compromised and accessed by someone else, can they get access to my Habbo account?

No, this is not possible.


If my Habbo account is hacked, can people get access to my MetaMask wallet?

No, this is not possible.


Do I still get the BC Warehouse furni limit increase with the HC/BC perk?

The +250 furni limit increases only come with a purchase of 31 days of BC membership. An active HC/BC perk will not provide your avatars with a monthly increase of their BC Warehouse furni limit.

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