Why did you decide to bring back SnowStorm?

The main reason is that we wanted to do something for the community after such a tumultuous time in late 2020 and early 2021. SnowStorm is something Habbos have been asking for for many years, even well before the release of the Classic client, and some of our developers decided to work out how realistic it was to bring it back, or at least some version of it. They were successful, to put it shortly.


Why did you remove it in the first place?

We removed SnowStorm in 2014 because it was tied to Game Centre, and Game Centre was discontinued because it didn’t succeed in the way we wanted it to succeed.


Why didn’t you bring it back sooner, when the community asked for it to be brought back years ago?

After SnowStorm was removed from the Flash client along with Game Centre, there were calls to bring it back. At the time, we decided to leave it out of the game because while a small proportion of people were playing it, it wasn’t a core feature a significant section of our user base was using. If the game is as popular as the community indicates it will be, we’re hoping to change that and make it a popular and well used feature.


Are you planning to bring back other old games like Wobble Squabble and Battle Ball, and things like the Lido?

We don’t have plans to do this, but that’s not to say we will never bring back other games in some form. The thing is that Wobble Squabble and the other mini games early Habbo used to have (as well as the Lido) were part of the Shockwave version of Habbo and weren’t replicated in the Flash client. Shockwave was an early multimedia platform that was used by game developers in the early 2000s ( Unfortunately this means it’s not just a question of bringing them back. SnowStorm was part of the Flash client up until around 2014 so it was far easier to dig out from the codebase and get working again than, for example, games like Wobble Squabble would be.


Why do non-HC members only get 3 free game tokens a day?

This hasn’t changed since 2014 – non-HC members always only got 3 tokens a day. Also, this is a common mechanic to have in games. Free to play players get a baseline level of free content, whereas premium players usually get certain extra privileges.


Why do I only get 30 free game tokens as a HC member?

We think that 30 games a day is a lot of games, more than enough for the average Habbo. If you’re super competitive or you just really like playing SnowStorm, there is the option to buy extra tokens.


Why does it now cost money for extra tokens when you run out?

Again, this mechanic is pretty common in games like Habbo. SnowStorm is considered an extra bit of fun for our community, and everyone gets free tokens to play on a daily basis, HC members just get ten times as many. However, if you’re super competitive or just really like playing SnowStorm, there is the option to buy 10 play tokens for 5 credits and 5 diamonds.


Will you continue to add to SnowStorm in terms of functionality and features?

We will release the first version and the intention is to add to this – one thing we want to add is a ‘top monthly players’ scoreboard. This should really be fun for the community. At the moment we can’t confirm anything more, but there’s a lot of potential!


Will SnowStorm also exist in the Modern client? Why/why not?

The idea is that yes, SnowStorm will also be put into the Modern client. The Classic client is a temporary solution to allow our users to play the game, so we will first enable SnowStorm there as a test of sorts, to get feedback from the community about it and to see if they like it.


I used my three free play tokens, then bought HC membership. But now I only have 27 tokens. Where are the extra three I was promised? HC members get 30 free tokens a day.

Non-HC members get three free play tokens a day. If you use those and then buy HC membership, those tokens are still considered three of the 30 you’d get as a HC member. So, that day you’d still have been given 30 free tokens in total, you just used three of them.


What are the prizes for the top Habbos on the weekly leaderboard?

After each week resets the top three Habbos get the following:

1st place: Gold Dragon Statue

2nd place: Silver Dragon Statue

3rd place: Bronze Dragon Statue

Then, three Habbos between 4-50 in the weekly leaderboard will be randomly picked and sent a Stone Dragon Statue. All prizes are sent to your inventory.


Why did you change the prizes and why are the new statues untradable?

We decided that changing the prizes to an untradable item would reduce the incentives for cheaters while still providing a nice incentive for regular players.


What are the prizes for the top groups on the weekly group leaderboard?

After each week resets the top three groups get the following:

1st place: 50 Duckets

2nd place: 25 Duckets 

3rd place: 15 Duckets

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