Collector Wallets, Silver, and in-game trading fees

We’ve partnered with Stardust to introduce a new wallet that works alongside your MetaMask wallet – the Collector Wallet

You’re given a Collector Wallet automatically when you do specific things inside Habbo. For example, when you receive your first collectible item in-game.

Even if you have a MetaMask wallet you will need a Collector Wallet if you want to do certain things with Habbo Collectibles inside the game. For example, Collector Wallets are used when trading, crafting, opening gift boxes, and selling your collectibles inside Habbo. Please note: most of these features are not yet available, but will be released later on in 2024.

Just like with collectibles that are stored in your MetaMask wallet, eventually we will make it so that any Silver or collectibles that are stored in your Collector Wallet will be available to use on all nine of our hotels.

You cannot use your Collector Wallet to trade your collectibles on the Immutable Marketplace. You will need to transfer your Collectibles to your MetaMask wallet in order to sell your collectibles there. We will provide easy transfer tools later in early to mid-2024 to help you with this process.


Silver is a new currency that we’re introducing to the Habbo Collectibles ecosystem. You’ll be able to purchase it directly from all nine of our website shops, and it’ll be usable in all nine of our hotels.

What you can use Silver for

To start off with, its main use will be to buy Curator Stamps for use in Collector Cabinets, and to pay fees when you trade collectibles in-game. (Note: Curator Stamps can also be purchased with Emeralds from the Collectibles Shop.) 

However, in the future we will release new items that can only be purchased using Silver.

A global currency

Similar to Emeralds, Silver is a global currency that is purchasable from all nine Habbo websites’ Shops. It’s for this reason that Silver costs the same in real-terms, no matter which hotel you buy it from. For example, if we sold a bundle of Silver that costs 5 United States Dollars on, based on current exchange rates that would cost over 20 Brazilian Real on, and over 140 Turkish Lira on

In-game trading fees

We provide free Stardust wallets to our community members to streamline player onboarding. However, these wallets are not free of cost for us. To offset some of these operational expenses, we need to introduce a minimal trading fee for in-game transactions between players, paid in Silver. This approach helps us recover a portion of our upfront costs while maintaining an efficient gaming experience.

We will confirm the trading fee when we launch the trading feature but we estimate that a single trading fee (for one in-game trade) will be equivalent to roughly €0.1.

Transferring items from your Collector Wallet to your MetaMask wallet

At some point, players may want to sell furni they have bought with Silver on the Immutable Marketplace for ETH. We plan to make this possible in early to mid-2024 by adding a transfer tool. At the same time, we also plan to make it possible to transfer items from your MetaMask wallet to your Collector Wallet, in order to make it easier to trade them in-game.

Note: transferring items between wallets will have a Silver trading fee attached. There will also be the option to use Emeralds.


Why are you introducing Silver as a new currency?

As well as being needed to cover expenses related to the new Collector Wallet, Silver is also a valuable onboarding tool to get new players into the Habbo Collectibles ecosystem. 

Players who are completely new to the ecosystem will be given a Collector Wallet automatically and seamlessly when they obtain their first collectible in-game, or purchase Silver from the Habbo web shop. This provides them with a blockchain-enabled wallet to store any collectibles they buy or obtain via gameplay. 

We see obtaining a Collector Wallet as the first step towards obtaining rarer and more valuable collectibles, eventually getting a MetaMask wallet and progressing to build up enough value to buy Premium Collectibles to accumulate Emeralds.


Will you continue to release new items that can only be purchased with Emeralds?

Yes. Emeralds will remain as the Habbo Collectible ecosystem’s premium currency.


How much will Silver cost in my local (real world) currency?

This is to yet be confirmed, but it’s important to understand that it’ll be a global currency, so will cost the same in real terms in every currency. 

For example, if we did a bundle of Silver that costs 5 United States Dollars, based on current exchange rates that would cost over 20 Brazilian Real.

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