Collector Levels and XP

The more Habbo Collectibles you own, the more Collector XP you get, and the higher your Collector Level will be.

In the future, players with higher Collector Levels will get access to all sorts of exclusive content, and in some cases, features 👀

In the past we’ve given out seasonal gifts based on the number of Genesis Habbo Avatars and Crafted Avatars you own. Going forward we will instead use Collector Levels to decide who to distribute these and how many. This is a more inclusive method to reward our community as you are able to unlock seasonal gifts by completing full sets as well as just owning Premium Collectibles!

Collectors Guild view 3.png

Below is an infographic that shows each of the Collector Levels, how much Collector XP is needed for each level. In addition, it shows how much XP each Premium Collectible gives you, as well as indicating where Regular Collectible XP is shown in metadata on Immutable.


It’s important to note that full sets give a huge amount of bonus XP. A full set bonus is calculated in most cases like this: number of items in the set * total XP of items in the set. However, there are several sets where we have boosted this score to give some sets more weight. Check this page for more details about sets.

Note: your Collector XP and level will be calculated based on the collectibles in your wallet, whether it’s your MetaMask wallet, or your Collector Wallet. If you distribute the collectibles from a set across both wallets, you will not get the bonus XP for the set. The set's collectibles must be in one wallet to be considered a complete set.

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