Collectible Sets

Sets are groups of collectibles that we have released. They are grouped according to the period in which they were released and / or according to the theme. For example, we have sets for Xmas 2022, a “Wall Street” set, the Forge set, etc.

You can find a list of all the sets in your Collectors Guild.

Collectors Guild view 1.png

Completing full sets provides extra Collector XP, which increases your Collector Level. So, as an example. If there are 14 items in the set, and they combine for a total of 666 XP, the final amount of XP you’d get from the set would be 9,324. This is because 14 x 666 = 9,324.

If you sell or transfer collectibles from a set, you will no longer get Collector XP from them.

In the future, players with higher Collector Levels will get access to all sorts of exclusive content, and in some cases, features 👀

In the past we’ve given out seasonal gifts based on the number of Genesis Habbo Avatars and Crafted Avatars you own. Going forward we will instead use Collector Levels to decide who to distribute these and how many. This is a more inclusive method to reward our community as you are able to unlock seasonal gifts by completing full sets as well as just owning Premium Collectibles!

You can also earn exclusive bonus items when you complete full sets. Read more about this here.

IMPORTANT: on launch, only a small percentage of sets will have a bonus item added to them. We’ll gradually add more as time goes on.

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