The Collection Screen

The Collection Screen is found in the Collectors Guild in the Modern client and on the Habbo Collectibles website. Access it by clicking on the “Collectors Guild” option in your profile menu while using the Modern client.

Displayed in the Collection Screen are all the Habbo Collectibles we’ve released, arranged into sets. You can see which collectibles you own, the collectibles you’re missing from incomplete sets, and how many sets you’ve completed in total.

Collectors Guild view 1.png

Collect items to earn Collector XP

The more collectibles you own, the more Collector XP you’ll get. The more XP you have, the higher your Collector Level. 

In the future, players with higher Collector Levels will get access to all sorts of exclusive content, and in some cases, features 👀

In the past we’ve given out seasonal gifts based on the number of Genesis Habbo Avatars and Crafted Avatars you own. Going forward we will instead use Collector Levels to decide who to distribute these and how many. This is a more inclusive method to reward our community as you are able to unlock seasonal gifts by completing full sets as well as just owning Premium Collectibles!

Complete sets to earn bonus Collector XP and items

As well as bonus Collector XP, you can also earn exclusive bonus items by completing sets before a set point in time. Each set has a timer – if you hold all items from that set when the timer runs out, you’ll get an exclusive bonus item for that set! 

Note that this item is a standalone collectible, and will not be given out again. If you hold all items from the set when the timer runs out, the bonus item will be made available to claim. If you are claiming from the Collection screen on our website, the bonus item will be placed in your MetaMask wallet. If you claim it in-game, it’ll be placed in your Collector Wallet.

It’s very important to understand that you will only complete the set if the full set is in one wallet. It won’t count if the items are split between your MetaMask wallet and your Collector Wallet.

We’ll add the ability to transfer collectibles from your Collector Wallet to your MetaMask wallet later on in 2024.

❗ IMPORTANT: on launch, only a small percentage of existing sets will have a bonus item added to them. We’ll gradually add more as time goes on.



How many times can one wallet get the bonus gift box for completing a set?

Only once.


When will you add bonus items to the other sets?

We will do this gradually, over the coming months and years.


Do I need to hold the collectibles in a set to keep the Collector XP?

Yes. If you sell or transfer collectibles, you won’t get the XP for them.

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