What is Furni?

How do I buy furni?

To buy furni you need credits, diamonds or duckets. You can find out everything you need to know about credits and diamonds by visiting the Shop.

If you have credits and want to buy an item from the Shop, you should first open the Shop. Click on the item you want and click 'Buy'. If you haveenough credits in your purse, the item will then be bought and sent to your inventory.


Where can I see furni prices?

The price of each furni  is listed in the Shop right next to the items you want to buy. 


Where is the furni that I just purchased?

When you buy an item or furni from the Shop it will be placed in your inventory. Click the hand shaped icon located at the bottom of your screen, and a box containing the item you bought will appear. You can click to select the furni from the box and then click 'Place to room'. You can then move the item and drop it to your room.


How do I open a present?

To open a present you need to place it in one of your rooms. Double click it, and the contents of the present will be moved to your inventory.


How do I interact with furni?

  • To sit or lay down: Click on the seat or bed you want to sit or lie on.
  • To get food or drink drink: (from a Mini Bar, Ice Cream Machine, etc) just double click on the item you want to interact with. If you are close enough, then you will receive the food or drink and it will be visible on your Habbo.

Why don't my teleports work?

When you purchase teleporters, they come as a pair that link to each other. If your teleporters don't link to each other, then you were traded a non-linking set.

When you purchase teleporters, they come as a pair that link to each other. In order to use a teleport, its pair needs to be in an accessible room. If you have traded teleports or lost track of which teleport is paired to which, you can relink them via the furni context menu.


What should I do if my furni is missing?

If your furni is missing, it could be that someone gained access to your account and has taken it. You should immediately change the password to your Habbo account and scan your computer for Keyloggers. You can learn how to keep your account safe by reading the Account Security section of the FAQs.


Do staff give out free gifts/trophies? Can I have one?!

Habbo Staff do not give out free gifts, but if you keep an eye on the homepage, we usually have great contests and promotions going on!

Why can't I drop my furni in other Habbos' rooms?

You can’t drop or manipulate furni in other Habbo’s rooms unless you’re a member of a group, and the owner of that group has enabled you to participate in the building of that room. There is a more detailed explanation of groups and how they work here.

What are Habbo Rollers?

Rollers are moving tiles that you can place in your room. You can stand your Habbo on them, or place items of furni on top of them, they will move a Habbo or furni in the direction the Roller is facing. If you place more than one roller in your room you can create a moving walkway or conveyor belt depending on how you arrange the Rollers.


How do I edit or write on a stickie note?

It's easy - once you place the note on the wall, simply double click on it to open it up, and write the text you want in it!

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