Questions about NFT Habbo avatars

IMPORTANT: please make sure that you check the terms of service and ensure you are over the age required to use services like MetaMask and, if you use it, Opensea.


ALSO IMPORTANT: it’s crucial that you are aware of scammers. Please ensure that if you are purchasing an NFT avatar from outside of our website (e.g. Opensea), you verify that the avatar is a legitimate one from us, not a copycat.

Why are the avatars priced the way they are? They seem expensive.

First of all, it’s important to recognise that the avatars themselves are very much premium products aimed primarily at NFT collectors. However, absolutely anyone can buy one, including people who play Habbo.


Secondly, it's important to note that the entry price is the highest any of the NFTs will be sold for, as they are being sold in a Dutch auction. In a Dutch auction, after the launch of whatever is being sold, the price drops periodically until the collection is sold out or it reaches a minimum price. This means that the avatars will likely end up being available for significantly less than the entry price. We’ve done it this way to prevent everyone trying to buy an NFT at a flat rate at the same time and causing what are known as ‘gas wars’ – where so many people are competing to buy an NFT at the same time that it drastically increases the Ethereum blockchain fees paid when actually buying it.

Will I be able to buy one of the NFT avatars you intend to sell? Where will I go to get one?

Yes, you can. They will be purchasable with ETH (Ethereum) directly from a new, separate and purpose-built section of the website. You’ll need ETH and a MetaMask wallet to buy one.

If I buy a Habbo Avatar, will I be able to use it in-game?

Although we won’t have this functionality implemented at launch, we want to do this and are actively looking into making it happen.


News about the project will be distributed on the new Discord channel and potentially the main Habbo websites and social media pages.

What’s the point of buying one of these avatars if you can’t use it in the game when they are launched?

We’re actively looking into making this possible. We also want to introduce other, undecided in-game perks for owners of a Habbo Avatar. More news will be shared about these as the project progresses and matures – it’s an evolving project!


In addition to this, the avatars are limited by nature and tradable outside of the game. This means that they have value to people who don’t even play Habbo, as they can be bought and then sold at profit if the price increases over time (much like rare furni appreciates over time inside Habbo).

The NFTs are available now, why can’t you just make them usable inside the game now too?

One big obstacle is that the NFTs themselves have been pixelled by our designers, but only from one side (the front). Actually getting the items into the game will take longer because all sides need to be drawn and then the clothing itself needs to be tested properly.


Also, there are certain technical hurdles we need to overcome before we can safely promise that these avatars will be usable in-game in the future.

Will any of the items the avatars are wearing be available to buy as non-NFT items with in-game currency?

No, we don’t plan to make this possible. The new items are tied to the Habbo Avatars that wear them.

Why are Habbo Avatars random? I’d like to choose one.

To make it fair for everyone that decides to purchase one of the avatars we mint, we’ve decided to make it random. The important thing to remember is that each avatar is 100% unique. No one will have the same avatar as someone else.

Are some of the items that the NFT avatars can wear rarer to get than others?

Yes, there are some items that are less likely to appear on a minted NFT than others. We will show the different traits and the likelihood of getting them on the Habbo Avatars website and on Discord.


Will there be more Habbo Avatar NFTs in the future?

We haven’t decided that yet but we will reserve the right to do more avatar drops in the future. Rest assured that this first batch of avatars will be considered as the ‘genesis’ collection and will have the best perks when considering both future NFT drops and in-game utilization. 


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