Furni-furni trading using the avatar context menu


What is the ‘avatar context menu’?

This is the drop down menu that appears when you click on another Habbo.


What requirements are there to trade using the avatar context menu?

  • You need to be level 15 or above.
  • You need to have a trading pass.
  • You cannot be tradelocked.


How do I open a direct trade with another Habbo?

If you satisfy the above requirements, click on the Habbo you want to initiate a trade with to open the avatar context menu. There, you’ll be able to see the ‘Trade’ option (IF you satisfy the above requirements).

Clicking ‘Trade’ will send a notification to the avatar you want to trade with. It will also open the trade window on your screen. The other Habbo needs to accept the trade request, after which you will both be able to trade.

Why have I only got 6 slots when using the context menu trade method, but Habbos using trading tables have 12?

Trading tables are designed to be a more premium method of trading. They need to be placed in rooms to be used and they cost 10 credits. In return for this you get added functionality – check the trading tables FAQ to find out more about them.

Why are the number of slots I have determined by my Travelling Salesman achievement?

We tied the number of slots you have available when using this method of furni-furni trading to your Travelling Salesman achievement to give a sense of achievement to those Habbos that trade a lot. This is common in gaming and we think it is a positive thing for Habbo.


Check the corresponding limits below:

No levels achieved: 2 slots

Level 1: 4 slots

Level 2: 6 slots

To have access to up to 12 slots, use a trading table.


Why does requesting to trade using the avatar context menu not automatically open a trade window for the Habbo I want to trade with?

We decided to introduce notifications for when another Habbo wants to trade with you to stop the opening of unwanted trade windows and the associated disruption of gameplay.

Why do you have to be level 15 or more to initiate trades?

We wanted to give a sense of importance and value to trading. It’s important to bear in mind that even Habbos with a level lower than 15 are still able to trade, they just need someone else to initiate the trade with them. So they can, for example, still be paid in credits for activities in roleplaying and fansite rooms.

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