Player to player trading in Habbo

Habbo has a secure trading system; you can trade items without fear of them being stolen. Remember - you must have a trading pass in order to trade with other Habbos! You'll find some answers to common trading questions below.


How do I know if another player is allowed to trade or not?

While you can’t see if another Habbo is able to trade or not, you can see if you are able to by checking your achievements for the trading pass badge.


How do I trade items?

Right click on the player you want to trade with, then select “Trade” from the avatar context menu.


Avatar context menu.png


What requirements are there to trade using the avatar context menu?


How do I open a direct trade with another Habbo?

If you satisfy the above requirements, click on the Habbo you want to initiate a trade with to open the avatar context menu. There, you’ll be able to see the ‘Trade’ option (IF you satisfy the above requirements).

Clicking ‘Trade’ will send a notification to the avatar you want to trade with. It will also open the trade window on your screen. The other Habbo needs to accept the trade request, after which you will both be able to trade.


What is credit furni?

Credit furni are items that can be converted to credits by double clicking them. These items are mainly used in player to player trades. When receiving credit furni in a trade (e.g. Gold Bars, Diamond Ducks, 2016 Bubble Juice etc), you will receive the credit value to your purse or vault instead of having those items delivered to your inventory. So, for example, instead of receiving a gold bar, you will receive 50 credits.


Do I have to trade?

No, you don't have to trade if you do not want to.


Can I get free furni or have my furni doubled or tripled through trading?

Habbos will often claim they can double your furni if you trade it to them, or that you can get free furni by doing this. It's not true, and they are trying to steal your furni. If someone tries this then you should send a 'call for help' and then leave the room.


Can I still receive gifts from other Habbos if I don't have a trading pass?

Yes, you can.


What are items worth?

There is no guide to what items of furni are worth, they are worth whatever you are willing to accept or pay for them.


How can I trade my Regular Collectibles with other Habbos?

If you have Collectibles in your Collector Wallet, you can offer them up for trade with other Habbos by requesting to trade with them like you usually would.

For every trade that contains at least one Collectible, a fee of 10 Silver needs to be paid by the two participants in the trade.

Agreeing on who pays what share of the fee is part of the negotiation, for example some players may want to split it evenly (5 silver each), and some players may want to shoulder more of the cost of the fee, or even all of it depending on what items they are getting in the trade.

Important: the number of Collectibles in the trade doesn’t affect the fee – it’s always 10 Silver. 10 Silver is around $0.12 (USD).


Why does it cost Silver to trade Collectibles?

For more information about Silver and why we introduced it, check this page.


Why can I only trade furni Collectibles, and not clothing?

At the time of writing (March 2024), only furni Collectibles can be traded inside Habbo. We intend to make nearly all types of Collectibles tradable using this feature.


When will I be able to trade Collectibles that are inside my MetaMask wallet?

We plan to implement a transfer feature that will allow you to move your Collectibles from your MetaMask wallet to your Collector Wallet in the future. This will allow you to sell Collectibles you’ve bought from the Collectibles Shop to players who prefer to buy their items with credits and don’t want to use Immutable X.


Why does requesting to trade using the avatar context menu not automatically open a trade window for the Habbo I want to trade with?

We decided to introduce notifications for when another Habbo wants to trade with you to stop the opening of unwanted trade windows and the associated disruption of gameplay.

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