Seasonal Currency

You can earn seasonal currency by completing quests or purchasing it from our website Shop. Check how much you have here:




Some Quests provide seasonal currency as a reward. Open the Quests window by navigating to any room and clicking on the bottom icon. Click on "activate" to get started.




View the objective you need to complete by clicking on "Details."




Keep in mind that Quests are available for a limited time only.


Seasonal currency can be spent on items in the Shop:




Clothing Collectibles are identifiable with a small orange square. Together, the above three items make up a Collectible Set, which provides a bonus item when completed.


To track your progress completing Collectible Sets, check the "Me" menu and navigate to the Collections Screen in the Collectors Guild:




Once you've collected all the pieces, you'll need to wait until the timer expires. Then, you can claim your bonus item in the Collection Screen!


IMPORTANT: if the item is a clothing Collectible, it will immediately become available in your Looks Editor:





Frequently asked questions

What can I exchange seasonal currency for?

Habbo Collectibles and regular items. Find out what’s on offer by checking our website or directly in the Shop when the event is active.


Can I buy seasonal currency?

Yes, check the website Shop during the event – we add seasonal currency offers during events.


I bought a clothing Collectible, but I can't see it in my inventory. Where is it?

Clothing Collectibles (identifiable with a small orange square) are added directly to your Looks Editor. Check the above image.


I can't claim the bonus item!

You need to wait until the timer expires to claim it.


How do I know when there's a bonus available in the Collections section?

You can check the remaining time needed to claim it in the Collections menu. Additionally, we will announce it on our official social media channels.


What happens if I don't collect all the pieces before the timer expires?

If you haven't collected all the pieces before the timer expires, you won't be able to claim the bonus.


Can I trade Collectibles?

Yes, you can trade seasonal items. However, please note that you must retain them to collect the bonus. If you have already obtained the bonus or have no interest in collecting it, you are free to trade the items.

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